Improving the Patient Experience: It Starts With You

By: AvMed News AvMed News

As an AvMed Provider, you’re on the front line of the patient experience. Because you play such a critical role in a Member’s health care, it’s imperative that you do everything possible to ensure a smooth appointment. Here are some easy tips to help keep your patients happy and healthy:

Be Timely

For your patients, few things are as frustrating as waiting to be seen. Although it’s impossible to always be on time, try to see your patients as close to their scheduled appointment time as possible. Avoid overbooking (or double-booking) patients, as this can contribute to significant delays. If you’re running behind, let the patient know – communication is critical in moments like these.

Coordinate Care Effectively

If your patients are seeing more than one Provider, each Provider should be aware of one another. This is easier said than done, though: Sometimes, a patient may self-refer or just forget to bring it up during the appointment.

During each appointment, remember to ask patients about other care they may have received since their last visit. With this information, you can help close care gaps and make sure that all physicians are on the same page. You do not want anything falling through the cracks.

Follow Up About Test Results

Don’t let your patients think that “no news is good news.” If a patient doesn’t hear from you after blood work or other tests, he or she may assume that everything is OK (when in fact it’s not). The truth is that your office may just have not gotten around to it.

Stay on top of test results and communicate them to patients as soon as possible. And if they have questions, make sure that you or someone from your office is available to answer them.

For more help on improving the patient experience, contact AvMed’s Provider Services Center at 1-800-452-8633.