Help Us Close the Post-Fracture Gaps

By: AvMed News AvMed News

AvMed has begun an initiative with the objective to improve osteoporosis care in older women who have suffered a long bone fracture that could indicate the presence of osteoporosis. Our goal is to work alongside our primary care practitioners (PCPs) to provide a bone mineral density (BMD) test for our Members with osteoporosis who have not been diagnosed or treated.

Our post-fracture care program entails requesting and obtaining a prescription for BMD screening from our Members’ PCPs to be performed by our mobile Provider. We understand that Members may face many barriers, impeding their ability to visit a diagnostic center for testing; thus, we have partnered up with a mobile Provider who can conveniently perform a peripheral BMD test at the Member’s home.

By following the simple steps listed below, you and your office can assist us to better serve our Members:

  1. Upon receiving a written faxed request from AvMed’s Quality Improvement department for a “Peripheral Bone Mineral Density” screening, please submit your prescription using CPT code 76977 within 48 hours via fax at 305-671-4908.
  2. Be sure to contact our QI department to discuss questions or concerns you may have with regard to your patient. You can direct your inquiries to Dahian Kruh, Quality/HEDIS® Project lead, at 305-671-4796.

To optimize post-fracture Member care, it is important that we swiftly work together to correctly identify and treat individuals with osteoporosis to contrast significantly high rates of additional fractures. Published scientific data along with clinical practice guidelines stress that Members with established fragility fractures remain at high risk for recurrent fractures.

We ask that you please join us in enhancing care by helping us target osteoporosis care in patients suffering long bone fractures by proactively ordering BMD screening when you identify untreated AvMed Members with long bone fractures and responding quickly to our requests for those we have identified through claims.