A Reminder About Annual Wellness Visits

By: AvMed News AvMed News

Annual wellness visits should be a part of every patient’s care. They’re critical in preventing diseases as well as catching them early on. Have you reminded your patients to schedule their annual visits? It’s in their best interest: AvMed covers the visit at no cost to the Member.

To make sure your patient is prepared for the visit, have your staff remind him or her to bring any relevant medical records and prescriptions as well as information on family health history and other providers.

During an annual wellness visit, you should sit down with your patient and discuss current medical providers and treatment plans (if applicable). You should also be checking the patient’s weight, blood pressure and other routine measurements, and compare them to those from his or her last visit.

Note any new risk factors or health changes in his or her records. The patient should see this appointment as an opportunity to also discuss other topics, too. For example, Members might want to discuss their mental and physical functioning and things that might be preventing them from living life to the fullest. Things like fall risk, urinary incontinence, pain and depression that may not be discussed during an acute care visit may be addressed.

Annual wellness visits complement AvMed’s wide range of health care tools and programs. Don’t forget to inform Medicare and Individual & Family (IFP) Plan Members about AvMed HealthyperksSM. The rewards program provides Members with gift cards to various stores and restaurants for taking actions toward better health.

Medicare patients who schedule an annual wellness visit will be rewarded with a $25 gift card. Other actions like receiving the flu/pneumonia shot will earn them additional gift cards as well. Refer your Medicare and IFP patients to AvMed.org/Healthyperks for more information about this rewards program.

AvMed SilverSneakers® is another program for Medicare Members that can help your patients stay on top of their health. SilverSneakers gives Members access to gym memberships, exercise classes and other fitness resources at no charge. Interested patients can visit SilverSneakers.com for more information. As of 2018, AvMed is also offering a discounted fitness program for all our Group Members called Active&Fit Direct™. To learn more, log into your AvMed.org account, select Services & Programs and then click Wellness Programs.

Help patients get more out of their visit by having them fill out an online AvMed Personal Health Assessment. A PHA can help identify a patient’s risk factors and aid you in building a tailored care plan. PHAs require an AvMed.org account, so have patients create their account by visiting the AvMed homepage and clicking REGISTER under the LOGIN tab.