What Is AvMed Living Choices?

By: AvMed News AvMed News

AvMed Living Choices powered by Haven is a telephonic support program offered to consenting Medicare-eligible AvMed Members who have an advanced illness or life-limiting condition.

Living Choices can help improve these Members’ quality of life and health management through Advance Care Planning (ACP), support and education. Here are some of the benefits of Living Choices:

  • Provides the opportunity for your patient to discuss their values, beliefs, treatment preferences and health care choices
  • Helps you close gaps in treatment for their condition
  • Clearly documents the patient’s choices for current and future medical care and treatment, including life-support options such as CPR
  • Identifies a trusted spokesperson (surrogate) to speak on the patient’s behalf and ensure their wishes are respected
  • Helps your patient complete an advance directive (e.g., living will or health care surrogate)
  • Makes sure that the treatment and care your patient wants to receive in the future is honored
  • Provides peace of mind for everyone in the health care process

How Does My Patient Get Started With Living Choices?

Once your patient is ready to move forward, he or she can reach out directly to AvMed Living Choices to schedule a discussion. Your patient will be able to confidentially speak with an associate who will go through the process. This is offered at no charge to the Member. Your patient’s health care goals, values and wishes will be documented in a format that can be stored and shared with others.

For more information about AvMed Living Choices powered by Haven, your patients can call 1-888-223-7595 Monday to Friday, 8 am-5 pm (TTY 711).